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Turn your furniture into a work of art

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Latest Products

Have you got furniture you have forgotten about that is just sitting around gathering dust?
Or are there any pieces of furniture not in keeping with the rest of your home?

This happens a lot, and besides our own taste can and does change over time.

Now you can create your own personal style with the best paints, friezes and refined accessories that will allow you to make the most of your living space.

Finally you will be able to proudly show visitors how your home truly is your world, perfectly in line with your personality and who you really are.


Painting and Brushes

FlexyWood® Bendable Mouldings


A makeover true to your personality

The best products to give your furniture a whole new lease of life.

Top it off with unique fabrics and accessories!

Refined and stylish materials to complete your idea of a furnished space!

Rethinking any part of your home will become a breeze

Make your furniture restoration unique with more than a thousand different friezes and exclusive découpage, transfers and stencils.