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FLEXYWOOD – Wood pulp friezes for a new vision of Restyling

FlexyWood is the classic and innovative line of wood pulp friezes for a new vision of restyling your furniture.

Discovering them for me was like a sudden joy. During the redesign of a dark, very linear and almost nondescript closet, choosing to apply friezes was magic–the ugly duckling turning into a swan! That’s right!

FlexyWood moldable wood pulp friezes

A seemingly characterless object, thanks to the application of friezes, is transformed into a valuable and valuable work of art! And so the furniture–don’t throw away old and insignificant furniture but embellish it with friezes! They are extraordinarily versatile, original, flexible and will be the special complement that will give the magic touch to your makeover!!!

Not only can they be applied as is, but also cut, sanded, drilled, bent and painted.

Why apply the friezes, then? Because they transform your furniture, because they will surprise you, because they belong to Italian art, and because they are wonderful!

You just have to unleash your artistic side…. Observe your furniture, imagine it after redesign, and start creating! For me, there can be no restyling without friezes.

I personally love them to death! Yes exactly, they have become my passion, my desire to experience furniture. Dive into this world of art and history, too, and tell me about your experience with friezes!

Discover the wide selection of wood pulp friezes available online.


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