A1 (Artist First) Transfer Folk Element – Mint by Michelle

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Beautiful folkloric elements!

Size 59,4 x 84,1 cm

Always seal with a water-based sealer or finish!

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Each transfer is made up of unique parts that can be used alone, layered together or applied in our ready made designs. We created these beautiful images with a passion to empower the artist.


If your piece is painted make sure paint is dry. Make sure area is clean and dust free

Peel backing off the release paper

Position where desired and press down to adhere. Place with adhesive side on area you wish to apply image

Using applicator rub on top of release paper until image has transferred to desired object

Peel release paper off

Burnish (a soft rub with your fingers will do) the image to make sure adhered as well as getting any air bubbles out

You’re done! Isn’t it fabulous!!!


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