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Wonderful découpage paper.

Available in following sizes:

Medium – 40,0 cm x 40,0 cm

Small: 27,0 cm x 27,0 cm

Decoupage paper available in the following formats:

Medium - 40.0 cm x 40.0 cm

Small: 27.0 cm x 27.0 cm

Our best tips for applying our Luxe Découpage Paper 40gsm:

When designing your piece using decoupage paper, remember that all true decoupage papers are transparent. A brightly colored or white background will give a clear and crisp image once the glue has dried. A dark background dulls the image.
We recommend the wet decoupage method over other traditional methods when using our Luxe Decoupage papers for best results.


When you start applying Luxe Découpage paper, work in 10cm sections at a time.
Add a THIN layer of glue or finish to your project.
Spray the back of the Luxe decoupage paper with a spray of water. This should remove most of the creases.
Place the top edge of your Luxe decoupage paper over the pasted area of ​​the project.
Take your blue applicator tool or a crumpled piece of cling film wrap to smooth Luxe Decoupage paper over the glued area by working top to bottom or center to outer edge.
Move on to the next section of Luxe decoupage paper by adding another THIN layer of glue or finish to your project, spraying with water if needed, then using our blue applicator tool again to smooth the Luxe decoupage paper on the glued area by working from the 'top to bottom or from center to outer edge. Repeat until you have the Luxe Découpage paper adhered to your project.
Once dry, seal with a clear water-based top coat to protect the Luxe Découpage paper. You can then paint and blend over the edges of the Luxe Découpage papers to soften them.
To remember! Use a THIN layer of glue, spray with water and smooth with our blue applicator tool. It's that easy!


Always seal with a water-based sealant or finish!

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27 x 27 cm, 40 x 40 cm


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