Monnalisa Paint color Deep Woods

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Monnalisa Paint Color Deep Woods, is a deep, bold dark green that recalls the color of the forest. Green is by nature a very strong and gritty color; it refers to perseverance, harmony, balance, calm and inner peace.

It is a high quality water-based chalk mineral paint with a very high yield with a delicate fragrance.
Suitable for making Shabby chic, modern, vintage and contemporary styles and adheres to all surfaces.

Available in 500ml Format.

Monnalisa Paint color Deep Woods

Features of Monnalisa Paint

With Monnalisa Paint color Deep Woods you can finally make the makeover of your furniture or any other surface in your home or office by giving that touch of dark green color to give that feeling of elegance, relaxation, delicacy.

You will be able to reinterpret the styles you most desire with a simple wipe without the need to sand the surface to which it will be applied, such as plastic, glass, iron, formica, ceramic, and wood whether already painted or laminated. You'll get maximum coverage from the very first coat of paint. You won't even need Primer.

Why is Monnalisa Paint suitable for restyling your Furniture?

  • You do not have to either sand or sand the surface, you simply clean the affected surface.
  • You don't have to use Primer because it already adheres directly to all surfaces
  • Has a 100% opaque finish from the first coat
  • You can recreate or reinterpret the styles you like best ( Shabby Chic, Modern, Vintage, Contemporary)
  • It is easy to use

Method of use for optimal performance of Monnalisa Paint color Deep Woods

These simple directions for use will enable you to take full advantage of Monnalisa Paint. Its yield will be more than 10 square meters with a single 500 ml jar

  1. Always prepare the surface to be painted by degreasing it well with warm water, baking soda and ammonia using an abrasive sponge. A surface prepared in this way and without any patina of impurities will give you 100 percent yield by making it easier toadhere to any surface on which you will use Monnalisa Paint.
  2. Rinse and let dry thoroughly.
  3. After these simple preparation steps you can already apply the first coat of Monnalisa Paint, which is ready to use. It will immediately cling to the surface you have prepared. However, if you want a different effect, you can always thin it with water up to 5 percent even from the first coat as needed.
  4. Drying times depend on temperatures, maximum 3 to 6 hours.
  5. Before applying the second coat of paint, check that the surface is dry.
  6. Wipe with a smooth surface sponge - 220 grit.
  7. The second coat can be thinned up to 5 percent.
  8. After complete drying, apply the finishing product (wax or liquid protectant).

For a high-wear restyling after performing all the steps indicated for an 'application of Monnalisa Paint color Deep Woods you can use the liquid protectant. Instead, for a low-wear makeover you can use clear wax.

Mix the paint well before each application. The yield of Monnalisa Paint paints is about 80/120 grams per square meter.


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