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5 Oct 2021 | BLENDING | 0 comments

When I talk about redesigning a piece of furniture by now I think of Blending! What exactly is blending?

It is a resounding technique of color shading that gives originality and elegance to the final result.

I remember entering the world of restyling initially not even knowing it existed, but later, knowing the American world, I said to myself, “What works of art!” Why? Because these artists, for years already, have introduced the blending technique into almost every furniture redesign. A combination of colors blended together so delicately that you can no longer see the line of the end of one color and the beginning of another. Obviously, to accomplish this technique requires the use of the right brushes, quality chalk, a spray bottle containing water and gentleness of your hand.

I remember at first reviewing each video concerning blending a thousand and one times, pausing it over and over again to simulate the same actions of the female painters at the same time, and…I succeeded!

What I like most is the use of colored chalk…how nice to give a different light to one’s furniture, beyond the usual white.

So, a piece of advice? Jump in and try the thousand colors in your makeovers! One particular piece will be able to give importance to the environment it will go into.


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