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5 Oct 2021 | CANDLES | 0 comments

The world of candles has always fascinated me! During one of my first trips to America, I went to visit a company that made candles … coloured, scented.

Today I prefer candles made of natural wax, such as soy for example.

Entering a house and being overwhelmed by the scent of candles is relaxing and gives a sense of love, family, warmth.

Especially during the Christmas period I love delicate fragrances, which release an aroma of cinnamon mixed with apple, spiced orange or pine.

What I wanted to create is an excellent candle in terms of quality and with different natural essences that can reflect the tastes of more people. The candle for me is a sign of love, friendship, loyalty, warmth and, above all, family.

D&D Candles are natural as I want the best for me and my clients!


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