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5 Oct 2021 | DECOUPAGE | 0 comments

Découpage is a wonderful decorative technique whose term comes from the French word “découper”, which means “to cut”. As a matter of fact, the découpage technique is to cut strips of paper and glue them onto objects, creating a personalized decoration.

Today, simple paper napkins have been “transformed” into blow-ups designed specifically to enrich and embellish your restyling of the piece of furniture and of the object.

I remember that when I started decorating simple trays with the decoupage technique I was fascinated by the final result. Today, when I look at the thousand papers designed for furniture, I stop to think about how precious each technique is for the creation of a work of art.

These giant posters take you back to landscapes painted by great artists, to past eras… Without being a real painter you can create unique paintings on your restyling.

Apply the paper, blend the edges with your chalk, create shades and … what a work of art! Wonderful!


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