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5 Oct 2021 | DECOUPAGE | 0 comments

Have you ever felt like replacing the furniture in your home because fashion has changed, or simply because your tastes have changed?

I did and from that moment my life changed!

I dove into the world of furniture restyling and a whole new universe opened up for me. Of ideas, news, wonders!

Restyling for me is loving an old object that has made its history and giving it a new life. That’s why before you start painting it you take care of it, close the “wounds,” which can be woodworms, and then study it…How would I like it? What environment is it intended for?

So we get into the world of paint-what a sight!

By now the Internet teaches us exactly how to do it, how to make a redesign…honestly once you know the products with which you will define the furniture, you have to indulge your artistic side. Each of us has an artistic side that we simply do not know about.

After making even a simple object you will feel like the artist of the situation! How satisfying it is to receive compliments on the restyling that has been accomplished, one really feels proud of oneself!


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